Like any other fixture or finish you choose for home renovations, cost, toilets, and maintenance implications. The floor-mounted toilets are the historical standard, whereas their wall-mounted toilets are the best option that you can consider. It is how you will save space, have a modern look, and be easy to clean. You can install a wall mounted water closet, but it can be done without cutting the floor to take the drain. For renovation projects, the drains can be installed in the wall.

Easy to clean

The most significant benefit of getting a wall-mounted toilet for your bathroom is that it offers easy-to-clean access. The toilet pan is raised from the floor, allowing you to clean around and underneath the bathroom. Unlike a traditional toilet, there are no tight spaces where dirt and dust can build up. This means you don’t have to bend down and can easily use a mop.


Wall-hung toilets are sometimes seen as stylish and futuristic, and you can see why. They have the best look and are teamed with a bathroom design, as they don’t fail to impress.

Save more space

A wall-mounted toilet pan is best for cloakrooms and small ensuite bathrooms. It is because they are not bulky and don’t occupy much space. You can place the toilet near the other bathroom fixtures without making the space uncomfortable. Wall-mounted toilets will give you the illusion of space as they can use the space on the wall rather than the floor. But you must look for the best spot to install it because there has to be room to hide the frame and cistern. With the help of stud walls and compact designs, they are your best bet for tight spaces.



A specific question is whether a wall-hung toilet can support a person’s weight. With the right installed frame and toilet combination, it can support 200kg. It is not recommended to apply too much force, but there is no news that a wall-hung toilet has been broken off the wall.

A wall-mounted water closet can be the best deal for you. From its style, it wins over standard ones when you want a modern look. For most people, it can be a good deal, but from an aesthetic perspective, wall-mounted toilets win over the traditional ones when you want a modern look. They are best for small bathrooms, and they save more floor area. And there is no contest when it comes to cleaning time.