international schools in singapore

The best international schools around the world are easily recognizable due to their common features, which are key to the high level of education, quality of life and experience at school, as well as to the preparation for adult life in a global society.

The main characteristics of the best international schools

Accreditation and recognition

All the top international schools are accredited by one or several internationally recognized organizations. Getting an internationally accepted accreditation guarantees that the school passed through very strict criteria regarding academic quality, governance and student welfare. Besides accreditation, the very best international schools are typically part of international elite associations.

Internationally recognized curriculum

The best international schools follow internationally recognized curricula. When following these curricula, the best international schools can confidently offer students the skills that will help them be successful at higher education and beyond, wherever in the world their studies or work may take them.

Diverse student body and faculty

The best international schools are always multicultural, multilingual and fully international in their approach, as students and educators normally come from a diverse cultural, linguistic and even national backgrounds. Through almost every aspect of learning, intercultural understanding and respect runs like a golden thread throughout the school, ultimately preparing students to embrace the world and be at ease within it.

international schools in singapore

Highly qualified and experienced teachers

The best international schools in singapore recruit and retain the most qualified and experienced teachers from across the globe, who often hold master’s degrees, even doctorates, in their subject areas and who have a track record of success as international school teachers serving the expatriate community. The best international teachers are both passionate educators and personal mentors to their students.

Commitment to student well-being and personal development

The crossover of academic achievement and pastoral care lends itself to the best international schools which offer a wide range of support services to meet students’ needs holistically, both physically and emotionally and socially. The best schools also infuse programs and initiatives to develop character, resilience and ethical life-ways so students can be prepared as knowledgeable and charitable global citizens.

To sum up

The best international schools are those that are outstanding amalgamations of academic excellence, cultural diversity and a commitment to students’ well-being and personal progression. Moreover, only the best schools guarantee student progression through the active integration and commitment of parents and community. The best international schools prepare students to face the challenges of a globalized world.