Simple Steps to Successfully Set Up an Open Wardrobe

Many people living in cities have small apartments. Sometimes, these homes need bigger closets. But don’t worry! Even if you don’t have a big closet, you can still keep your clothes neat. One great idea is anĀ open wardrobe singapore style.

Tips for Your Open Wardrobe

Choose Matching Clothes

When clothes are in the open, they should look nice together. Think about the season. You could show only summer clothes now and keep winter clothes away. Try to put clothes of the same color or style together. If you don’t wear some clothes now, keep them somewhere else.

Clean Out Old Clothes

Before making your open wardrobe, see what clothes you have. There may be clothes you don’t wear anymore. You can give them away, trade them, or sell them. This way, your new open wardrobe will have more space.

Easy-to-Reach Clothes

Put the clothes you wear often in the middle where you can see them. The clothes you wear sometimes can go to the bottom. Clothes you hardly wear can go on the top.

Open Wardrobe Singapore

Use Every Inch of Your Space

When setting up your open wardrobe, it’s essential to utilize all the available space effectively. Above where your clothes hang, consider adding shelves or hooks. Using both the top and bottom spaces, you maximize your storage, ensuring that every part of your wardrobe serves a purpose.

Add a Touch of Privacy

While the idea of an open wardrobe is to have your clothes visible, there are times when you want a little privacy. You may have some items that aren’t as neat or some clothes you’d prefer not to display all the time. In such cases, consider adding curtains or decorative screens. These not only provide a way to hide certain sections of your wardrobe but also add a stylish touch to your room.

Think Outside the Wardrobe

You can keep clothes in other places too. There may be clothes you don’t wear now because it’s not the right season. You can keep these clothes under your bed. Here’s a fun idea: Do you have pretty suitcases? You can keep clothes in them and also use them to make your room look nice!


Having a small home or not having a big closet is okay. You can still have a nice place for your clothes. An open wardrobe is an excellent way to show your clothes and keep them organized. Just remember to choose the right clothes to show, keep your favorite clothes easy to find, and use all the space you have. And if you have pretty things like suitcases, you can use them to keep clothes and make your room pretty simultaneously!