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Paint defects are one kind of imperfections on the car paint like scratches, orange peel, swirls, oxidation etc. The paint correction is an important process that will help to remove these defects from your car paint surface just by polishing its paint using the polishing machine and hand, if you are looking for the detailed process, then visit

Removing scratches, visual imperfections and swirls from the car paint surface requires plenty of trials with various combinations before you find the right system that offers amazing results with very less effort. With several years of research, experience and testing, you will find the collection of pads, polishes, and various other paint correction techniques that can give you an ability to restore paint surface as well as show the car’s real beauty in the purest way.

Different Than Normal Polishing

It is the amped up version of car polishing, the expert paint correction procedure will include:

Firstly, you require clean area that you can work with. Most of the surface contaminants should be removed. The decontamination process is used for striping off anything, which can be stubborn & get in a way of paint correction stage. You do not want any sap, dirt, and bugs left on your car, as they will end up back on your paint later.

When vehicle surface gets clean, it is time to analyze painted surface that will help to determine how much severe is the damage. After that, the professional will compound paint and remove any kind of micro-scratches and marks. It is a part of paint correction procedure where the microns of thickness get removed from top clear coat.

After that, the polishing will be done! This can remove hazing and compound marks in vehicle paint. The polishing procedure brings out true hue & depth of colour.

Final step of this paint correction stage is the new top coat. Though paintwork is rightly corrected the fine amount of coat gets removed, with permanent scratches or swirls in a clear coat. It gives pure reflections and crystal clarity.