Toyota 4runner Cargo Liner

As a matter of logic, trunk area conditions shouldn’t matter much in the overall scheme. Nevertheless, it does. In addition to increasing a vehicle’s value, a “showroom condition” cargo liner area reflects a higher level of vehicle care than a functional cargo area. The previous owners likely took more than average care of the car if they preserved a cargo area. It isn’t easy to keep a cargo or trunk area clean when choosing between two otherwise similar vehicles.

An immaculately-preserved cargo area becomes a tie-breaker when choosing between two otherwise similar vehicles. In just one accident, a dirty or wet piece of debris can permanently cargo liner stain your clothes. We wondered if car companies ever carried winter tires or construction materials in trunks and cargo areas when looking closely at OEM factory materials used to line trunks and cargo areas of vans and SUVs.

The floor coverings are a lot more like Velcro than carpet, but they’re made of material that attracts dirt like a magnet, so why is it so hard to clean them? In the case of those designers, likely, they didn’t load anything into anything because they had chauffeurs and contractors do the household work. Superior cargo liners have an easy-to-remove surface. Whether your car or truck has an enclosed trunk or an open tailgate, they are custom-shaped to fit the floor of your vehicle-covering every inch.

Toyota 4runner Cargo Liner

A wide variety of styles and patterns are available in our Cargo Liners & Trunk mats section on our website. We have padded cargo liners for pets. Click the Product Options drop-down box on the right when viewing a specific item. You’ll be asked to enter your make, model, and year there. You may also be asked to specify whether your van, SUV, or wagon has two rows of seats or three rows.

You can choose from the available sizes or colors for your vehicle as soon as you answer. There are, for example, liners that cover a larger, more comprehensive area behind the second row and smaller liners designed to fit only behind the third row. This article discusses the features and differences of cargo liners and mats we sell. Some liners are equipped with cutouts that enable a rear seat to be mounted above them.