Basic Need Of Life - Food

Food is the basic substance which an organism needs in order to provide energy and sustain life. Food provides nutrition such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to the body. All organism get food through the process of food chain. Food chain refers to the process where one organism is consumes other organism for food. Sunlight helps in the process of photosynthesis which allows leaves to make food for the plant. The plant is eaten by goats and goats are in turn obtained by carnivorous animals or humans beings.

Importance of food

1. Food includes nutrients which help in the recovery of the body through illness or viruses.

2. It also helps in the growth of the body.

3. The carbohydrates in the food such as bread, rice, pasta, kidney beans, chick peas etc. makes one of the primary nutrients of the body.

4. Protein such as almonds, eggs, milk and other dairy products are organic compounds which help in building muscles, preventing illness etc.

5. A fat is the third most important nutrient. It includes tofu, olive oil, nuts etc. which help in brain development and controlling inflammation.

Basic Need Of Life - Food

6. Then comes vitamins and minerals such as red pepper, paprika and chilli powder helps in in development of bones, formation of energy etc.

Consumption of food by the body

The majority of the food in the body, approximately eighty percent, is consumed through resting metabolic rate, which means the number of calories required to keep the body functioning at rest.

Thirty two percent of the food is used by the body when one does a physical activity or any bodily movement.

Only eight percent of the food is consumed by the body for Thermic Effect of Feeding, which means the amount of energy required to digest and process consumed food.

Impact of unhealthy food

Ingredients with high quantity of sugars, sodium, fats and cholesterol makes food unhealthy. Unhealthy food includes fast food like pizza, cake, milk chocolates, soft drinks etc.

The urge to eat unhealthy food increases as the taste and smell is tempting and scrumptious. It makes our taste buds happy. The cherry on top is that junk food is very cheap and less time consuming. On the contrary, it is difficult for people who are working to make fresh healthy meals three times a day.

Unhealthy food increases one’s weight, makes a person lazy, the skin becomes unhealthy and may lead breakouts etc. Frequent consumption of cheap unhealthy food may lead to chronic diseases and even organ damage.