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The menu is the list of foods that is given to us in a restaurant. Initially the menu was written on a blackboard and displayed outside the inn. Then over time this list of dishes was written by hand on notebook sheets collected in a leather case caterers belleville il.

Usually this menu was printed in a typography and bound with a personalized cover with the logo of the restaurant.

Then to save money and have a more variable menu, in the last 20 years, menus produced with inkjet printers and collected in a plastic case have been used. Before the pandemic, the digital menu

to be read with a QRCODE had already made its appearance but the mobile phones of that period to read that QR code, which led to a WEB page with the menu, had to use special apps which via the smartphone camera they interpreted this code to get the restaurant’s dish list as a result.

When it was born

caterers belleville il

It was born before the pandemic, but its use spread, due to the health restrictions that imposed the continuous sanitization of the menus given to customers, every time the table was freed.

Given the strong demand for this solution even for premises that did not have it, many solutions were born directly on the web which even today offer this for free even if with limited options.

What is it for

the digital menu is used to see on your smartphone the list of dishes offered by the restaurant where I am sitting. To be able to view it if you have a latest generation smartphone, just frame the QRCODE and open the decoded link or if you have a mobile phone from a few years ago that does not have this function in the operating system, you download an app to read the QRCODEs and after installed opens the link that displays the menu.

How many types of digital menus exist

There are 2 different types even if 98% of digital menus are only consultative and it is not possible to interact with the displayed text.