Many new homeowners have a soft spot in their hearts for Loganville. It’s a tranquil, pleasant city that many people call home, poised about north of downtown Atlanta and unusually placed in both Walton and Gwinnett counties. Over the past 10 years, it has undergone a significant transition and is seeing exponential growth in population and revitalization. Discover how this little, aceful village suddenly becomes a thriving metropolis where many people wish to relocate.

What Has Changed In Loganville?

Just over 13,000 individuals live in the lovely suburban rural community of Loganville. Since 2020, the population has increased by roughly 17.8%, causing a wide variety of economic diversities to influence its growth. Over time, the neighborhood has flourished with new housing developments, dining establishments, and entertainment. Loganville is the place for you if you’re seeking a tranquil, calm community to call home. Despite having a small-town, rural feel, it is one of the cities with the greatest housing growth rates. Over the previous ten years, home values have increased by 9.5%.

The heart of Loganville

Loganville’s downtown is really cute. Since 2015, the city has made significant efforts to rehabilitate its downtown. Residents’ suggestions for the type of development their community required to draw more people in were implemented by local officials. Residents expressed their wishes for improvements such as brand-new stores, parks, and aesthetic renovations to make the city center more walkable. The city continues to develop this neighborhood by incorporating concepts from other communities like Grayson and Monroe. The city wants to appreciate its past while also looking into the future.

Events Schedule

It’s simple to find things to accomplish in Loganville. The Municipality of Loganville creates an events schedule to attract locals and curious visitors. A performance, festival, art display, auto show, or clash of the bands is always taking place. The entire year is jam-packed with distinctive activities and events in this medieval town. Check out the City of Loganville’s social media and official home page to keep up with what’s going on. Additionally, subscribe to Loganville’s two periodicals, loganville-ga-real-estate the Loganville Bulletin, and Loganville Insider Magazine. This Bulletin is a monthly publication that the city produces for the neighborhood.