Learning English is one of the most demanded subjects, as it is the universal language used. People from different parts of the world communicate using English. However, not all can write and speak English. Thus, english tuition centre bukit timah  offers programs that help students overcome challenges and boost their language proficiency.

The experienced tutors and structured curriculum provide a supporting learning environment. It is where students enhance five skills, namely:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Communication

English tuition permits children to learn in smaller class sizes. The English class provides them access to more personalized teaching methods and one-on-one attention. Some children may see a tuition center as a less tiring environment than a school. Thus, it helps them to manage more easily with the step up in anticipation.

Unlock confidence and inspire creativity

The teachers partner with you to ensure your child is guided and supported in every step. Teachers are excited to help the child make measurable progress. You can see your child grow in ability and confidence. The courses encourage children to develop in different aspects:

  • Develop their creativity
  • Enhance their skills for success
  • Learn English

Since English is the world’s global language, it helps your child communicate at ease and prepares them for future English examinations. the world’s global language.

Learn English effectively

Learning English as a second language is a very challenging task. Once you get the hang of it, each effort and time you must spend studying the language is worth it. Being fluent in speaking English makes your travel more fun.

Also, you don’t need to wait for the latest best-selling book to be translated into your native language before you enjoy it. Learning English effectively should start at the early stage of your children. So, it is better to have them enrolled in the English Tuition Center to help them develop their speaking and writing English skills.

English tuition classes for kids

Lessons are fun ways for children to learn the following:

  • Alphabet
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Simple sentences

So, kids will start to learn about the alphabet until they learn to understand simple English words. But, the English lessons for the alphabet are done in a fun way so that children will not feel bored during classes.

The English Tuition Centre Bukit Timah prepares your children for the future, such as making their confidence to communicate in English and find easy-to-answer English examinations. Especially, when applying for a job, English examinations and interviews will go smoothly.