Home buyers

First of all , it is necessary to clarify with extreme honesty that both alternatives are valid . If you think you have plenty of time on your hands and feel competent and prepared enough to buy a house directly from a private individual, you can do it and take the risks that this entails.

However, it must be remembered that, although the purchase of a house or an apartment without intermediaries may seem advantageous, in most cases it is better to leave this process in the hands of a specialized professional https://www.pioneerhb.com/we-buy-houses-waco-tx/

Advantages of selling a house privately

I summarize here what are the main advantages of selling a house privately:

No commission payments. It is usually 2-3% of the property’s value. For example, if an apartment is worth €500,000, the agency’s commission will be €15,000. Quite a savings, right?

No to exclusive assignments: binding yourself to an agent is perhaps the aspect that most terrifies the owner. If you rely on a “wrong” real estate agent, the possibility of removing the assignment before the expiry of the terms is practically nil. In these cases, at least 6 months of work are lost;

To find the buyer, just publish the announcement on the real estate portals! It’s not that simple but that’s often what some real estate agents think. Why rely on them?

No one knows the house like the owner. Very true!

The risks of selling a house without an agency

However, there are also several disadvantages to selling a house privately. Here are the main ones:

Often the owner overestimates the selling price of the property;

The owner often has no knowledge of the techniques to effectively promote his property;

The real estate agent is usually better and more prepared to negotiate than the landlord;

The prospective buyer doesn’t trust the homeowner and the information they provide;

Numerous mistakes are often made in all phases of the sale: evaluation, publication, lead generation, negotiation, stipulation. This results in a lower realization price.

Time factor is very important. Selling a property well is a job. Often you have great energy in the beginning and overlook very important details soon after.